Sales, Marketing, & Operations candidates for Digital Companies

Time for your next career?

When it's time for your next career move, we're here for you. 

Confidential & dynamic solutions are available. 

We take your career search very serious!

We have a multiple pronged approach to conducting a (confidential) search for you.

You’re in a job now, but you need something new. A company that excites you. Career growth. A position you like getting out of bed for.

You’re identity / current employer will not be revealed without your approval!

Your next career move require full time / professional focus.

We want to partner together on finding the perfect opportunity.

First - Let’s get to know each other.

- let’s schedule a time to talk about your background and what you’re looking for in your next opportunity. We want to understand what’s missing in your current role. What makes you tick. What kind of job / position are you going to be excited to get out of bed for? What’s missing in your current role? We’re here to partner with you on your career transition.

Second - we’ll get your info out; we have a massive, US network of Professionals and Headhunters to alert and network with

- you approve the introductory statement that we’ll use to “advertise” your skills

  • we’ll create a (confidential) tease statement

  • we’ll manage the conversation between you and the company

Third - once a company / Hiring Manager is interested in your profile, and you agree, we’ll send them a (confidential if needed) resume

Fourth - after a company / Hiring Manager likes your (confidential) resume and you agree, we’ll send your actual resume and schedule an interview for you

Let’s get started, book your time now. We only accept a few clients at a time, don’t delay in scheduling a time to talk with us.

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