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Echelon Recruiting is a recruiting firm that sources and qualifies candidates for Digital Companies and those disrupting Industries. We specialize in revenue generating candidates, sales, marketing & operations type professionals.

We are very flexible on the types of candidates and roles we work on. Don't hesitate to contact us with specific needs or questions.


Eric Palmer - President and Chief Recruiter

Eric started recruiting in early 2014 after many years of sales experience. He has placed VP of Sales with aggressively AdTech companies, Directors of Marketing for MarTech organizations, multiple Mid and Jr. level positions. He is highly knowledgeable of the digital advertising space and uncovered a need for a people-centric recruiting firm that specializes in innovative and aggressively growing companies. Eric is a US Army Veteran, who holds an MBA in Marketing and Business Management.


Favorite Quote

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

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You should work with Eric!

Why? Eric’s strength is his ability to understand his clients and work within constraints to find solutions for everyone involved.

It takes someone with the maturity to understand concerns that have not been voiced and address them head-on. Eric does this well and allays fears. He gives his clients confidence and sticks his neck out when he doesn’t need to. Not every recruiter does that.

He’s good at what he does because he cares, takes pride in what he does and is an honest person. There is no way we would have been able to hire the caliber of candidate we did if had not been for Eric.

In short. Eric is an asset to the recruiting profession and a class act as a human being.
— Irfan J. - CEO

I would highly recommend Eric for anyone’s next search. He’s insightful and action-oriented. He was a key partner throughtout the process.
— Brett M.

He was great at staying in communicaditon with me throughouth the entire process and answering my 10million questions. I would highly recommend Eric and throughouly enjoyed workin with him.
— Julie T.

Eric is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He doesn’t treat you like a number.
— Andy F.